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SK-1200 Zilog S-3 (Samsung) 8-bit MCU In-circuit Emulator
  Smart Kit, SK-1200, is a new product which is developed as the USB interface model of In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) for SAM8 (S3C8xxx/ S3C9xxx) families of microcontrollers and also supports the full flash type MCU. SK-1200 is the upgraded model from the existing Emulators by adding the dual (USB or RS232) interface to PC, Real-time RAM break, and Real-time RAM display functions in IAR C- compiler & Debugger environment.
The debugger software, Smart Studio, runs under Microsoft Window 98/2000/XP environment, providing a user-friendly operating environment with an easy-to-use toolbar, function/hot key and full context-sensitive help. Also it allows the user access to a wide range of supporting software accessories including fully compatible with Samsung SASM universal assembler.
• Full capacity emulation memory, SAM8 : 64K byte
• 16K (16 bits wide) depth of real-time trace memory
• USB or RS232C interface with PC host system
• Programmable VDD voltage of Target CPU - Supply voltage to Target board: 3.0~5.0V
• Real time emulation with processor full speed - SAM8 : 25MHz (SAM8 full speed: 25Mhz)
• Download/Upload and emulation memory editing function
• Run/Stop, Reset, Go to cursor, Go to address, Breakpoint run
• Program execution skip
   - Skip to cursor, Skip to specific address
   - Step over subroutine calls
• All registers can be displayed and modified by user
• Single-step execution
   - As the user single-step execution, all updated information is highlighted for easy reference
   - Execution by single step
   - Continuous single-step execution
   - Up to 255 countable single-step executions Program memory (ROM) address breakpoint
   - Unlimited breakpoint can be set
   - Up to 255 countable breakpoints can be set for an instruction
   - Continuous breakpoint
• Program memory(ROM) address breakpoint
   - Unlimited breakpoint can be set
   - Up to 255 countable breakpoint can be set for an instruction
   - Continuous breakpoint Timer/Counter function
   - Execution time measurement between program sequence ( Interval time between program steps )
   - Number of instruction fetch (program code size) counter
   - Number of instruction execution counter
• Real-time trace run
   - 16K depth of real-time trace memory records program flow from address trigger point.
• Program run history view
   - 16K depth of real-time run history can be viewed whenever program execution is halted
• OTP/MTP(Flash) Programming function
   - Read, Program, Blank check, Verify, Read protection, and Checksum available for all SAM8 OTP/MTP/FLASH family
   - Erase, LDC protection, and Hard Lock functions are available for MTP devices
   - Complete line of interchangeable adapter socket supports all package options (sold separately)
• All functions of emulation are possible in the sub-clock mode operation and also Full flash MCU (debugging by full flash mode)
• Programmable Clock frequency of Target MCU
   - User can change the clock frequency of the target MCU by software in Smart Studio or IAR-C debugger.
• RAM data breakpoint run
   - Read, Write, Read/Write condition
   - Continuous RAM data breakpoint run
• Real-time RAM(Register) display
   - Sampling rate : 100ms
   - Support IAR C- compiler/embedded Workbench IDE
• IAR C-compiler support
   - IAR embedded Workbench IDE
   - IAR SAM8 C-compiler
1. SK-1200 main body / 1ea
2. Adapter board / 1ea
3. USB cable / 1ea
4. User ' s Manual / 1ea
5. Installation CD / 1ea (Smart Studio debugger, SASM Assembler)
* Note: SK-1200 package doesn ' t include a Universal Socket Adapter and SAMSUNG Target board.