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The current society is called "Digital Jam"because all of the system and the culture

are passing as a digital around the Internet and Information communication.

The Digital Revolution is progressing world-wide with the growth of information communication techniques and is bringing big changes to people's lives at a speed beyond comparison with the times of the past Industrial Revolution, and the parent of this Digital Society is the semiconductor.

Seminix is a global company in the world of semiconductors and is proud of the semiconductor's whole customer service from the chip development of the One Chip Microcontroller known as "the flower of the semiconductor" to the related education and the development of the MDS tool, the application solution
and internal /external chip sales.

Also, Seminix is in charge of varieties of Out-Sourcing for Samsung Micro-controller users as an authorized Samsung MCU Design House.

Seminix will keep up its constant efforts to be an international semiconductor-specialized company through continuous research and development, investment, customer satisfaction management, and honest marketing. Seminix promises that we will always be with our customers through customer satisfaction management.

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