Lastes Firmware                                         AS-uni Ver1.21                                2015.12.24


              User's Manuals                                          UM_AS-uni.pdf                                2015.05.08


AS-uni 업그레이드 방법

1. AS-uni 최신 펌웨어를 다운 받습니다.
2. AS-uni를 USB를 이용하여 PC와 연결 후 펌웨어 파일을 복사합니다.
3. USB 케이블을 분리하여 AS-uni의 전원을 끈 후 다시 USB를 연결합니다.
4. 자동으로 업그레이드 진행됩니다.
5. 업그레이드가 완료되면 이동식 디스크로 PC와 연결됩니다.


AS-uni Upgrade
  The following steps shows how to upgrade :

1. Please download the latest version of AS-uni on Seminix website to your PC and then   connect AS-uni to your PC via USB cable.
2. Copy the new version of firmware file on your PC to USB disk (AS-uni) folder via USB cable.
   (If you don’t connect the external power adapter to AS-uni, the brightness of LCD of AS-uni will be dark.
    But it is not malfunction)
3. Disconnect the USB cable from PC (and the external power adapter if connected) to make AS-uni power off, and then reconnect AS-uni to PC via USB cable to make AS-uni power on.
4. Upgrade will be processed automatically.
5. After upgrade is finished, AS-uni will be connected as USB disk.

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